Thank you for supporting LunaR.

1. Download the latest version LunaR app from Apple Store(iOS) or Google Play(Android). Turn on the app and follow the instructions. All the following steps are suggested within the app, as you can see it during set-up.

LunaR was in shipping mode when you first received the watch. You can long pressing the left button till all the white LEDs blink white and the RGB LED blinks Green, to get it back to normal mode.

Pull out the crown and turn clockwise to adjust the time. Pull it back afterwards.

Turn on phone BT.  <We 'd suggest you not to connect LunaR through phone Bluetooth settings, but to connect it through the app.>

2. Second time zone display

Besides the analog clock, Lunar also has a digital clock. The digital time of the watch can be displayed by pressing the right button. The hour is shown by a white LED which is continuously on for 3 seconds; the minutes is shown by a double blink on the corresponding minutes. It allows the user to check time at night.

In addition, the user can choose an another city other than the local city for the display of digital time, so it gives two time zone choices. For example, when traveling, you can set the analog time as local time, and the digital time as hometown time, or the other way around. You can check either the local time or hometown time on your watch by simply pressing the right button.

3. Sunset and Sunrise

Sunset and sunrise of the current location can be displayed by double pushing the right button. First it shows the sunrise indicated by the RGB LED which blinks yellow and the corresponding hour and minutes. After that it shows the sunset indicating by the blue LED and the corresponding hour and minutes.

4. Activity tracking

Lunar can track the activity of user by counting the steps. The user can set a goal through the app. It can be shown by pressing the left button. The white light indicates the progress and every white light represents 1/12 percent of the goal. If the goal is reached, all the white lights will blink and vibrate for 3 times on the watch.

5. Inactivity tracking (Sleeping mode) and Alarm

Inactivity tracking can be turned on/off by holding the left button for 2 seconds. The 12 o’clock LED will blink blue to indicate that it’s on, and when it’s off, the 12 o’clock LED will blink yellow.  

Lunar can also track the sleep through alarm. It has 7 sleep alarms and 7 normal alarms. The alarm can be configured for each day of the week. Lunar will start the inactivity tracking whenever the sleep alarm fires.

Once sleeping mode is triggered, LunaR is no longer connected on Bluetooth. You won't get notification/step counting, but you will still be able to check the digital time and sunset/sunrise time.

6. Phone notification

Lunar supports phone notifications and incoming calls if it’s connected. The 12 o’clock RGB LED will be lighting up and the color for each app notification can be set personally. Currently all notifications are supported with the maximum amount of 32.

However, it is necessary to allow LunaR to read notifications on "Permissions". And if you have forbidden your phone showing notifications of one particular app, this app won't be listed under LunaR notifications as well.


It has three modes. All are triggered by double pressing the left button

Find my phone: normal setting.

Remote camera:taking picture.

Control music: play/stop only.

A few type of Android phone might have a problem with controlling camera and music. We will keep working on that.

Find my watch

The watch can be found by pressing “find my watch” through the app. It will be vibrating for 3 seconds and all the white LEDs will be blinking.

8. Bluetooth

To use all these smart features, the watch has to be connected to the phone through the app, where the watch communicates with the smartphone through Bluetooth. 

The Bluetooth can be turned on by pressing any button. The watch will broadcast rapidly for 30 seconds, and less frequently for the next 2 hours. The duration of broadcasting can be set by the user in the app from 5 minute to 55 minutes. The Bluetooth can be turned off by holding the right button for 2 seconds.

LunaR can lose connection when your phone is away for a certain distance. When LunaR watch is not connected to the APP for over the time you set on "Scan duration", watch BT will be automatically off. This is for battery-saving. You could easily turn it on by pressing any watch buttons.

9. Battery/Charging

LunaR will send a notification to the phone when the battery has reached below a certain percentage, which can be set between 5% and 30% by user. This function could also be turned off. Press any button and if you get a red LED flashing once, the battery level is too low to use.

When the watch gets plugged into the charger, the LunaR will light up from 1 till 11 o’clock based on the percentage of how much it has been charged. The next amount of percentage which is being charged is blinking. The 12 o’clock RGB LED shows how much it has been charged in colors. This is displayed for 5 seconds.Whenever the user presses a button while the LunaR is charging it behaves the same as described above. After that it follows up with its normal behavior.

Once it's fully charged, press the left button, the 12 o’clock RGB LED will blink green for 5 secs.

LunaR has a Solar panel. This panel is used to harvest solar energy. This is and only is to enhance the power of the battery for watch whenever it is exposed to the sun. It is only enhancing the power when the amount of light emitted more than 10k lux.