It is necessary to connect LunaR watch by following the app on-screen directions. Do not connect by using the Settings - Bluetooth device discovery.

It is very important during initial activation and pairing that only one LunaR watch is communicating with your phone!

If you have more than one watch in close proximity to your phone during initial activation and pairing, a False Pairing issue may occur.

To avoid this issue, move any other LunaR or other Bluetooth devices well out of Bluetooth range until after initial activation and during subsequent re-pairing sequences. 

After initial activation and pairing, you may use LunaR in the vicinity of other watches with no problem.

-LunaR app can't connect to 2 devices at the same time, or 1 LunaR connected to different phones may cause disconnection.

In this case it is recommended that you go to Settings - Bluetooth and "forget" any other Bluetooth devices on the list before attempted to connect.

If you encounter troubles with connecting LunaR to your phone, it may be due to conflicts with other Bluetooth devices, even if they are not currently paired with your phone.