Inactivity tracking (Sleeping mode) and Alarm

Inactivity tracking can be turned on/off by holding the left button for 2 seconds. The 12 o’clock LED will blink blue to indicate that it’s on, and when it’s off, the 12 o’clock LED will blink yellow.  

Lunar can also track the sleep through alarm. It has 7 sleep alarms and 7 normal alarms. The alarm can be configured for each day of the week. Lunar will start the inactivity tracking whenever the sleep alarm fires. 

Once sleeping mode is triggered, LunaR is no longer connected on Bluetooth. You won't get notification/step counting, but you will still be able to check the digital time and sunset/sunrise time. So you will know the sleeping mode has been triggered when pressing the left button (check steps) is not working.

The inactivity shown on the app is calculated from 18:00 yesterday till 12:00 today (phone time).