Please download the latest version of Lunar APP, which we have been updating constantly recently. 

-Locations must be turned on. You will have to have a SIM card in your phone. The Location Mode must be set as "High accuracy" or "Battery saving". "GPS only" is not enough.

-Permission must be granted to use in the settings. We will ask for this in the app.

-While reinstall the latest version, we would suggest you to delete the old version, clear data, then download the new one.

-If you have seen Lunar on phone BT settings or it has been paired, please "unpair" it before start connecting. It's possible that Lunar APP can't find the watch if it has been paired through phone settings.

-It also happens a lot of times that when LunaR was connected to other phones before, and I just couldn't get it connected. If you have tried connecting with 2 more devices, please make sure to turn off BT on others while trying a new connection.