LunaR can be charged two ways: First, the “traditional” manner with the included USB charger or the easiest way...Go outside and get some sun! That’s right, charging LunaR is as simple as taking a walk or a bike ride. LunaR’s invisible solar panel absorbs any sunshine its exposed to and stores it in Lunar’s tiny, high capacity Li-Ion battery. That means you never have to worry about losing the charging cord, all you have to do is point Lunar toward the sun.

Hot Tip: If for any reason you’re not planning to wear LunaR for a period of time, just set LunaR in a sunny spot to ensure you’ll have months and months of battery life.

In case you will need the USB charger, make sure the left button of LunaR got placed right. There are 2 pieces of metal sheet on the back cover of LunaR, which should touch the other 2 metals on the charger.