There are 14 alarm position in LunaR. 

LunaR has 2 kinds of alarm: Bedtime Alarm and Normal Alarm. Each Normal Alarm occupied 1 position. You can choose it to repeat on every Saturday, and it still counts as 1 position. 

Bedtime alarm actually contains 2 alarms: bedtime alarm and wake-up alarm, so it occupied 2 positions. And if you have set a "workday" Bedtime Alarm from Monday to Friday for example, you have taken 2*5=10 alarm positions. Then you got 4 left position for Normal Alarm.

By the way, Bedtime alarm is also used for sleep monitoring. If you have set the alarm for everyday of a week, you don't need to press the watch button to trigger the sleeping mode every night. It will automatically get to sleeping mode and Bluetooth is not connected during that time.