LunaR has 2 kinds of alarms: Normal Alarm and Bedtime Alarm. Normal Alarm can be set as Every Sunday..Saturday, One time only, or Everyday. It will go off at the day you set.

Bedtime Alarm has 2 alarms actually: bedtime alarm and wake-up alarm. You need to set an alarm goal and the bed time, and then pick the date. For example, you want to set the alarm for Monday. The sleeping goal is 8 hours, bedtime at 23:00, so wakeup time at 07:00. here is how it works: the sleeping alarm will go off at 23:00(11 p.m) on Monday, and the wakeup alarm will go off at 07:00(7 a.m) on Tuesday

If you go to sleep after 24:00 on Monday for example, and want to set the sleep alarm at 01:00 and wakeup alarm at 09:00. The sleep alarm will go off at 01:00(1 a.m) on Monday and the wakeup alarm goes off at 09:00(9 a.m).

Bedtime Alarm is your sleep tracking data source. Once the bedtime alarm triggered, your watch is in sleeping mode, and BT is no longer connected. How to know that? press the left button and there will be no white LED reaction, but you will still be able to check sunrise&sunset and second timezone (right button features).